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Anak-Anak Gaza yang Menjadi Yatim Piatu Akibat Perang Menderita Selagi Perang Terus Berlanjut

LONDON: Amid the horrors of Israel’s war on Gaza, a one-month-old baby girl born during the violence lies alone in an incubator.
Her mother Hanna was killed in an Israeli airstrike, giving birth via Caesarean section without ever holding her child.
“We just call her the daughter of Hanna Abu Amsha,” Warda al-Awawda, a nurse who is caring for the newborn at the al-Aqsa Hospital, told the BBC.
Children, who make up nearly half of Gaza’s population of 2.3 million, have had their lives shattered by the brutal war, the BBC reported.

Source: Gazan children orphaned by war suffer as war continues

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