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“Menghapus Sejarah” – Penghancuran Dua Masjid Memberi Tahu Kita tentang India Menjelang Pemilu yang Penting

NEW DELHI — The demolition of two mosques in India within days of each other has highlighted the deep religious divide in the country, months before voters head to the polls for a nationwide election

Source: ‘Erasing history’ – What a double mosque demolition tells us about India ahead of crucial election

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PM India Resmikan Kuil Hindu Pertama di Abu Dhabi

NEW DELHI: India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated on Wednesday the first Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi.

Developed in the desert on 27 acres, the BAPS Hindu Mandir stands off the main highway linking Abu Dhabi to Dubai. It has been constructed from more than 25,000 pieces of pink sandstone from Rajasthan, and white Italian marble carved by artisans in India and assembled in the UAE.

Modi arrived at the site on Wednesday afternoon to perform consecration rituals with the temple’s priests.

Source: India’s PM inaugurates Abu Dhabi’s first Hindu temple