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Para Pemimpin Afrika Kutuk Serangan Israel di Gaza

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia: Leaders at an African Union summit in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Saturday condemned Israel’s offensive in Gaza and called for its immediate end.
Moussa Faki, the chair of the African Union Commission, said Israel’s offensive was the “most flagrant” violation of international humanitarian law and accused Israel of having “exterminated” Gaza’s inhabitants.
Faki spoke alongside Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh, who also addressed the summit.

Source: African leaders condemn Israel’s offensive in Gaza

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“Kelaparan”: Para Pekerja Bantuan di Sudan Suarakan Kekhawatiran atas Krisis yang Semakin Meningkat

PARIS: Sudanese aid worker Shakir Elhassan and his family were among millions forced to flee their homes and former lives after war broke out last year in Sudan.
Some 10 months later, he is one of many voices in the sector warning of a devastating humanitarian crisis that could soon spiral into famine.
“The needs are unprecedented,” the communications manager at Care International said, deploring a lack of global attention.

Source: ’Starving’: Sudan aid workers sound the alarm over spiralling crisis

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Pengadilan Tinggi PBB Tolak Permintaan Afrika Selatan untuk Lakukan Lebih Banyak Tindakan Terhadap Gaza

THE HAGUE: The UN’s top court Friday rejected South Africa’s request to put more legal pressure on Israel to halt a threatened offensive against the Gaza city of Rafah, saying it was “bound to comply with existing measures.”
Pretoria has already filed a complaint against Israel in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, alleging that its assault on Gaza amounts to a breach of the Genocide Convention.

Source: Top UN court rejects S.Africa request for more Gaza measures

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Afrika Selatan Jamu Palestina dalam Pertandingan Amal “Sepakbola untuk Kemanusiaan”

BEIRUT: In a show of solidarity with Palestine and to demonstrate the power of sports in bridging divides, a charity match titled “Football for Humanity” will be held between Palestine and South Africa on Sunday.
Cape Town’s famous Athlone Stadium will host the game between the Palestine National Football Team and the South African Invitational XI at 17:00 local time, according to a media statement issued by the South African Football Association.

Source: South Africa host Palestine in charity match ‘Football for Humanity’

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Israel Sebut Afrika Selatan Mempertuan HAMAS dalam Upaya Terbarunya ke Pengadilan Dunia

JERUSALEM: South Africa’s latest request to the World Court against a possible offensive by Israel in southern Gaza serves Hamas and is an attempt to stop Israel from defending itself, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.
South Africa on Tuesday asked The International Court of Justice (ICJ) to consider whether Israel’s plan to extend its offensive in Gaza into the city of Rafah requires additional emergency measures to protect Palestinians’ rights.

Source: Israel says South Africa serving Hamas in latest bid to World Court

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Pasukan Ethiopia Bunuh “Setidaknya 45 Warga Sipil” dalam Pembantaian Januari

ADDIS ABABA: Ethiopia’s government security forces killed at least 45 civilians in a massacre in Amhara state in late January, the independent state-affiliated Ethiopian Human Rights Commission said Tuesday.

A statement said the EHRC had confirmed “the identity of at least 45 civilians who were extrajudicially killed by government security forces” in the town of Merawi for allegedly supporting an ethnic Amhara militia known as Fano.

“However, it can be assumed that the number of victims is even higher,” it underscored.

Source: Ethiopian forces killed ‘at least 45 civilians’ in January massacre

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Afrika Selatan Ajukan Permohonan ke Pengadilan Dunia atas Serangan Israel di Rafah

JOHANNESBURG: South Africa’s government said on Tuesday that it had asked the World Court to consider whether Israel’s decision to extend its military operations in Rafah required the court to use its power to prevent further breach of Palestinians’ rights.
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) last month ordered Israel to take all measures within its power to prevent its troops from committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, in a case brought by South Africa.

Source: South Africa approaches World Court over Israel’s Rafah offensive

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“Tidak Mengambil Pelajaran” dari Genosida Bersejarah di Tengah Konflik Gaza, Kata Pemimpin Rwanda

LONDON: The world’s response to civilian deaths in the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza indicates it has not learned the lessons of previous genocides such as the one carried out in Rwanda, the African country’s president said Monday.

“We always talk about ‘lessons learned,’ but I don’t see many in the world learning lessons,” Paul Kagame said at the World Governments Summit in Dubai.

Source: ‘Lessons not learned’ from historic genocides amid Gaza conflict, says Rwandan leader

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Rencana Inggris Kirim Pencari Suaka ke Rwanda Tak Sesuai dengan HAM, Kata Pengawas Parlemen

LONDON: The British government’s plan to send some asylum-seekers on a one-way trip to Rwanda is “fundamentally incompatible” with the UK’s human rights obligations, a parliamentary rights watchdog said Monday, as the contentious bill returned for debate in the House of Lords.
Parliament’s unelected upper chamber is scrutinizing a bill designed to overcome the UK Supreme Court’s ruling that the Rwanda plan is illegal. The court said in November that the East African nation is not a safe country for migrants.

Source: UK plan to send asylum-seekers to Rwanda incompatible with human rights, parliamentary watchdog says