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“Kelaparan”: Para Pekerja Bantuan di Sudan Suarakan Kekhawatiran atas Krisis yang Semakin Meningkat

PARIS: Sudanese aid worker Shakir Elhassan and his family were among millions forced to flee their homes and former lives after war broke out last year in Sudan.
Some 10 months later, he is one of many voices in the sector warning of a devastating humanitarian crisis that could soon spiral into famine.
“The needs are unprecedented,” the communications manager at Care International said, deploring a lack of global attention.

Source: ’Starving’: Sudan aid workers sound the alarm over spiralling crisis

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KSrelief Lanjutkan Proyek Ketahanan Pangan di Sudan, Lebanon dan Yaman

RIYADH: Saudi aid group KSrelief has continued its food security projects across Sudan, Lebanon and Yemen.

KSrelief provided 931 food parcels to displaced families in Gedaref state, in Sudan, from which 5,001 individuals benefited, as part of a project to support food security in the country.

KSrelief has continued the implementation of Al-Amal Charitable Bakery Project in Akkar governorate and Al-Minieh district in Lebanon.

Source: KSrelief continues food security projects in Sudan, Lebanon, Yemen

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PBB Sebut Sudan yang Dilanda Perang Tak Boleh Dilupakan, Serukan Pendanaan Bantuan

GENEVA: The United Nations on Wednesday urged countries not to forget the civilians caught up in the war in Sudan, appealing for $4.1 billion to meet their humanitarian needs and support those who have fled to neighboring countries.
A ten-month war in Sudan between its armed forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has devastated the country’s infrastructure, prompted warnings of famine and displaced millions of people inside and outside the country.

Source: UN says war-torn Sudan must not be forgotten, calls for aid funding

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Rekaman Konfirmasikan Kehadiran Ukraina dalam Perang Sudan

LONDON: Footage of Ukrainian special forces operating in Sudan has surfaced following months of speculation that Kyiv had sent troops to the country to fight Russia’s Wagner military group, The Guardian reported on Tuesday.

The Russian private military company is fighting in Sudan to support the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces in its battle against the government.

A clip released by the Kyiv Post on Monday, which reportedly came from sources within Ukrainian military intelligence, confirms the presence of Ukrainian fighters in Sudan.

Source: Footage confirms Ukrainian presence in Sudan war

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Sekitar 13 Anak Meninggal Setiap Hari di sebuah Kamp Pengungsi di Sudan, Kata Badan Amal Medis MSF

NAIROBI, Kenya: Thirteen children are dying each day of severe malnutrition at the Zamzam camp in Sudan’s northern Darfur as a consequence of the 10-month war in their country, a medical charity said Monday.
The head of the UN refugee agency, meanwhile, warned that Europe may have to deal with a rise in the numbers of Sudanese refugees if a ceasefire agreement isn’t signed soon between Sudan’s warring sides and relief efforts aren’t strengthened.

Source: About 13 children die each day at a camp in Sudan for displaced people, medical charity MSF says

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Sekitar 40 Orang Tewas dalam Kekerasan di Dekat Perbatasan Sudan-Sudan Selatan yang Disengketakan

JUBA: About 40 people, many of them civilians, have been killed in violence in a disputed area on South Sudan’s border with Sudan over the weekend and hundreds have sought refuge in a UN peacekeepers’ compound, a government official said on Monday.
Frequent clashes have taken place in Abyei region between rival factions of the Dinka ethnic group because of a dispute over the location of an administrative boundary where significant tax revenue is collected from cross-border trade.

Source: About 40 killed in violence near disputed Sudan-South Sudan border

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KSrelief Distribusikan Bantuan Makanan kepada Keluarga Pengungsi di Sudan

RIYADH: Workers for Saudi aid agency KSrelief on Sunday distributed 1,646 food parcels to displaced families in the Sudanese state of Kassala.

More than 9,450 people are estimated to have benefitted from the handouts, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The initiative was part of the center’s food security support project in Sudan alongside other humanitarian and relief programs being provided by the Kingdom around the world.

Source: KSrelief distributes food aid to displaced families in Sudan

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KSrelief Distribusikan 4.500 Lebih Paket Makanan di Gaza, Sudan dan Afghanistan

RIYADH: Saudi aid agency, KSrelief, distributed more than 4,500 food parcels for displaced families in war-hit Gaza, Sudan, and Afghanistan, state news agency (SPA) reported.

The team distributed essential food items in Khirbat al-Adas, located east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, in coordination with the Palestinian Red Crescent as part of a campaign to provide relief to the Palestinians amid intense Israeli bombardment.

Source: KSrelief distributes over 4,500 food parcels in Gaza, Sudan, and Afghanistan

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Badan Pangan PBB Sebut Mereka Punya Laporan tentang Orang-orang yang Mati Kelaparan di Tengah Konflik di Sudan

CAIRO: The UN food agency said Friday it has received reports of people dying from starvation in Sudan, where raging fighting between rival generals is hampering the distribution of aid and food supplies to those most hungry.
The 10 months of clashes between the Sudanese military, led by Gen. Abdel Fattah Burhan, and the Rapid Support Forces, a powerful paramilitary group commanded by Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, has decimated vast swaths of the northeastern Africa country.

Source: UN food agency says it has reports of people dying from starvation amid the conflict in Sudan

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Badan Bantuan Arab Saudi KSrelief Lanjutkan Pekerjaan Kemanusiaannya di Sudan dan Yaman

RIYADH: Convoys carrying relief supplies sent by Saudi aid agency KSrelief have arrived at Nile River State and Northern State in Sudan, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Wednesday.

The arrival of the convoys at their destinations marks the start of the second phase of a project to support food security in the North African country, officials said.

Maj. Gen. Abdul Mahmoud Hammad Hussein, the acting governor of Nile River State, thanked Saudi Arabia for the aid projects it provides through KSrelief for the Sudanese people, who are facing a humanitarian crisis.

Source: Saudi aid agency KSrelief continues its humanitarian work in Sudan, Yemen