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Dua Warga Afghanistan yang Ditahan di Teluk Guantanamo selama 14 Tahun telah Dibebaskan, Kata Taliban

ISLAMABAD: Two Afghan prisoners who were held in US custody for at least 14 years at the Guantanamo Bay detention center after 2002 were released from house arrest in Oman, a Taliban spokesman said Sunday.
Abdul Zahir Saber and Abdul Karim were released as a result of the efforts made by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Taliban interior ministry spokesman Abdul Mateen Qani said.

Source: 2 Afghans who were detained at Guantanamo Bay for 14 years have been released, the Taliban say

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Tentangan atas RUU Perbatasan di Senat Bahayakan Bantuan bagi Warga Afghanistan yang Bantu Pasukan Amerika Serikat

WASHINGTON: The massive $118 billion Senate border bill not only contains once-in-a-decade border security legislation and wartime aid to Israel and Ukraine, but also offers a chance for the US to keep its promise to Afghans who worked alongside US soldiers in America’s longest war.
Tucked inside the sprawling package is a measure that would provide a long-awaited pathway to residency for tens of thousands of Afghan refugees who arrived in the US on military planes after the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021.

Source: Opposition to the Senate border bill jeopardizes help for Afghans who aided US troops

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KSrelief Distribusikan 4.500 Lebih Paket Makanan di Gaza, Sudan dan Afghanistan

RIYADH: Saudi aid agency, KSrelief, distributed more than 4,500 food parcels for displaced families in war-hit Gaza, Sudan, and Afghanistan, state news agency (SPA) reported.

The team distributed essential food items in Khirbat al-Adas, located east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, in coordination with the Palestinian Red Crescent as part of a campaign to provide relief to the Palestinians amid intense Israeli bombardment.

Source: KSrelief distributes over 4,500 food parcels in Gaza, Sudan, and Afghanistan

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Inggris Akan Menilai Kembali Permohonan Suaka Mantan Pasukan Khusus Afghanistan

LONDON: The UK government will reopen applications from former Afghan special forces members denied asylum in Britain.

Hundreds of soldiers from so-called “Triples” units including Afghan Commando Force 333 and Afghan Territorial Force 444, set up by the British Army and who served alongside coalition forces, were denied relocation to the UK after the Taliban retook control of Afghanistan in August 2021.

Source: UK to reassess asylum applications of former Afghan special forces soldiers

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Taliban Tolak Laporan Tim PBB tentang Kamp Al-Qaeda di Afghanistan

KABUL: Afghanistan’s Taliban government rejected on Thursday a recent UN Security Council report claiming that new Al-Qaeda training centers have been established on its soil.

The report was released this week by a UNSC committee pursuant to resolutions concerning Daesh, Al-Qaeda and associated individuals.

Source: Taliban reject UN team’s report on Al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan