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Biarawati Filipina di Gaza Tak Dapat Dijangkau saat Israel Tingkatkan Serangan di “Zona Aman”

MANILA: A Filipino nun who stayed at her church in Gaza is unreachable, Philippine authorities said on Friday, as they are trying to evacuate 14 nationals from the city of Rafah, where 1.5 million Palestinians are crammed in tents amid heavy Israeli bombardment.

Of the 137 Filipinos trapped in Gaza since Israel began its daily bombardment of the densely populated enclave in October, authorities have so far evacuated 122 people through the besieged territory’s Rafah, which borders Egypt.

Source: Filipino nun in Gaza unreachable as Israel ramps up strikes on ‘safe zone’

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Pejabat dari Satu-satunya Wilayah Muslim di Filipina Janjikan Dukungan untuk Persatuan di Tengah Ancaman Pemisahan Diri

MANILA: Officials from the Philippines’ only Muslim-majority region in Mindanao have pledged their support for unity in the country after former President Rodrigo Duterte called for the separation of the southern islands from the rest of the archipelago nation. 

Duterte last week called for the independence of his home region of Mindanao, located in the southern Philippines, as his alliance with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. disintegrated over disagreements around efforts to amend the constitution.

Source: Officials from Philippines’ only Muslim region pledge support for unity amid secession threats

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Tentara: Sembilan Militan Islam Tewas dalam Bentrokan di Filipina

MANILA: Nine Islamist militants including three suspects in a Catholic mass bombing in the southern Philippines have been killed in a clash with troops, the military said Saturday.
Army soldiers shot it out with about 15 Dawlah Islamiyah suspects hiding out at a mountain farm close to the remote southern municipality of Piagapo on Thursday, the commander of the military unit said.

Source: Nine Islamist militants killed in Philippine clash: army