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PM “Penjual” Thailand Sebut Kerajaan “Terbuka untuk Bisnis,” Lihat Potensi Besar di Kerajaan Arab Saudi

BANGKOK: Nothing is perhaps more symbolic of the delicate balance Thailand manages between East and West than the Thai prime minister proposing that Arab News interviews him at the local Starbucks, in Chinatown, on the day of Chinese New Year — a major celebration.

Source: Thailand ‘salesman’ PM says kingdom ‘open for business,’ sees huge potential in KSA

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Pria Kanada Ditangkap karena Diduga Buka Pintu Pesawat, Sebabkan Terbukanya Perosotan Evakuasi di Thailand

BANGKOK — A Canadian man has been arrested in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai after he allegedly opened the door on a commercial plane and triggered the evacuation slide prior to takeoff.According

Source: Canadian arrested for allegedly opening plane door, deploying evacuation slide in Thailand