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Israel Mengeluh Setelah Vatikan Kecam “Pembantaian” dan Tanggapan Tak Proporsional di Gaza

ROME: Israel has formally complained after a senior Vatican official spoke of “carnage” in Gaza and what he termed a disproportionate Israeli military operation following the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks.
The Israeli Embassy to the Holy See called the comments by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state, “regrettable.” In a statement Wednesday, the embassy said Parolin hadn’t considered what it called the relevant facts in judging the legitimacy of Israel’s actions.

Source: Israel complains after Vatican denounces ‘carnage’ and disproportionate response in Gaza

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Perusahaan Kedirgantaraan Italia, Argotec, Targetkan Ekspansi Arab Saudi di Sektor Penerbangan dan Luar Angkasa yang sedang Berkembang

RIYADH: In recognition of Saudi Arabia’s increasing prominence in the space and aviation industry, Italian aerospace company Argotec is gearing up to expand its operations in the Kingdom. Â

David Avino, Argotec’s CEO and founder, shared the company’s expansion plans during an interview with Arab News on the sidelines of the World Defense Show in Riyadh.

Source: Italian aerospace firm Argotec targets Saudi expansion in growing space and aviation sector

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Italia Akan Jadi Sasaran jika Ikut Serang Yaman, Ancam Pemimpin Houthi

ROME: Italy will become a target if it takes part in attacks against Yemen, a senior official from Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthis said in an interview published on Monday.
Mohamed Ali Al-Houthi, head of the Houthi’s supreme revolutionary committee, told daily La Repubblica that Italy must be neutral in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and put pressure on Israel to stop attacks on Gaza, adding that would be the only way to achieve peace in the region.

Source: Italy to become target if it joins attacks against Yemen, threatens Houthi leader

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Vatikan Hukum Pendeta dan Mantan Pelayan Altar ke Penjara karena Kasus Pelecehan Seksual, yang Pertama di Jenisnya

Vatican Sentences Priest And Ex-Altar Server To Prison For Sexual Abuse In First-Of-Its-Kind Case