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Pembunuh Massal Breivik Kalah dalam Kasus HAM di Norwegia

OSLO: Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik lost against the state in his bid to end his isolation in prison, a court ruled on Thursday.
The far-right fanatic, who killed 77 people in a bombing and shooting rampage in 2011, sued the state in January arguing his prison conditions violated his human rights.
“The Oslo District Court has, after an overall assessment, concluded that Breivik’s sentencing conditions are not a violation of human rights,” it said in a statement accompanying the verdict.

Source: Mass killer Breivik loses Norway human rights case

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Uang Segar Norwegia untuk Badan PBB untuk Pengungsi Palestina

OSLO: Norway on Wednesday announced a fresh donation to the financially stricken UN agency for Palestinian refugees as a humanitarian crisis grips the war-torn Gaza Strip.
UNRWA plays a critical role in distributing aid and providing life-saving assistance to Gaza, where an Israeli siege during the four-month-old war has sparked dire shortages of food, water, medicine and fuel.

Source: Fresh Norwegian cash for UN agency for Palestinian refugees

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Norwegia “Cukup Optimis” Pendanaan UNRWA Dapat Kembali Berjalan Sebagaimana Mestinya

OSLO/JERUSALEM: Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide told Reuters on Thursday he was “reasonably optimistic” some countries that had paused funding to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) would resume payments.
UNRWA on Thursday said its entire operations in the Middle East, not only in Gaza, will most likely be forced to shut down by the end of February if its funding remains suspended.
“I am reasonably optimistic that we will get funding back on track,” Barth Eide said in an interview.

Source: Norway ‘reasonably optimistic’ funding to UNRWA can get back on track

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Norwegia Desak Donor UNRWA untuk “Mempertimbangkan Konsekuensi Lebih Luas” dari Pemotongan Dana

OSLO: Norway, a top donor to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), is urging countries that have cut funding to the agency to consider the consequences of their actions on the population in Gaza, its foreign minister told Reuters on Wednesday.
The Nordic country on Sunday said it would maintain its funding to UNRWA following accusations that some agency staff took part in the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas militants, in contrast to several other countries that have paused payments.

Source: Norway urges UNRWA donors to ‘reflect on wider consequences’ of funding cut