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Utusan PBB: Krisis Libya Harus Segera Diselesaikan

NEW YORK: The UN special envoy for Libya warned the country’s feuding political actors on Thursday that if they don’t urgently form a unified government and move toward elections the North African nation will slide into “disintegration.”
Abdoulaye Bathily told the UN Security Council there are numerous alarming signs of such a slide and urged all political leaders to put aside “their self-interests” and come together to negotiate and reach a compromise “to restore the dignity of their motherland.”

Source: Libya crisis must be resolved urgently: UN envoy

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Para Pemimpin Libya Menganut Status Quo dan “Tampaknya Cocok untuk Mereka,” Kata PBB

NEW YORK CITY: Thirteen years after the revolution that toppled Muammar Qaddafi’s regime, Libya continues to grapple with political turmoil and the elusive quest for sustainable peace and democracy, the UN’s special envoy to the country said on Thursday.

Abdoulaye Bathily lamented the entrenched nature of the status quo in Libya, and the continuing deadlock among key institutional leaders that has hindered progress towards long-awaited national elections.

Source: Libyan leaders entrenched in the status quo and it ‘seems to suit them,’ UN says

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Banjir pada September di Libya Butuhkan Dana Pemulihan Sebesar 1,8 Miliar Dollar AS, Kata Sebuah Laporan

Libya’s deadly flash flood in September constituted a climate and environmental catastrophe that requires $1.8 billion in reconstruction and recovery, an international report said on Wednesday.
Huge swathes of the city of Derna were destroyed in the flood, after heavy rainfall from Storm Daniel crashed through two aging dams, sweeping entire districts into the Mediterranean.

Source: Libya’s September flood requires $1.8 billion in recovery funds, report says

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Pejabat: Libya Deportasi Migran Kembali ke Mesir

TRIPOLI: Libyan authorities on Wednesday began sending 350 irregular migrants to their home country Egypt, an immigration official told AFP.
War-torn Libya has become as a key departure point on North Africa’s Mediterranean coast for migrants, mainly from other parts of Africa, risking dangerous sea voyages in the hope of reaching Europe.
Libya’s rival administrations last year agreed on a Tripoli-based anti-immigration body tasked with coordinating deportations of foreigners who are in the country illegally.

Source: Libya deports migrants back to Egypt: official