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Duta Besar Arab Saudi Buka Markas Atase Kebudayaan Baru di Maroko

RIYADH: Saudi Ambassador to Morocco Sami bin Abdullah Al-Saleh opened the new headquarters of the Saudi cultural attache in Rabat on Wednesday, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Al-Saleh praised the role of the cultural attache in promoting educational and cultural cooperation between the Kingdom and Morocco.

He added that it will also provide services to Saudi scholarship students in the country.

Source: Saudi ambassador opens new cultural attache headquarters in Morocco

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Ribuan Orang di Maroko Memprotes Hubungan Mereka dengan “Genosida” Israel

RABAT: Thousands of Moroccans on Sunday again took to the streets of their capital to call for an end to their country’s ties with Israel, which they denounced for “genocide” in Gaza.
In late 2020, Morocco established diplomatic ties with Israel under the Abraham Accords brokered by the United States which saw similar moves by the UAE and Bahrain.
As part of the deal, Rabat received Washington’s recognition of its claim to sovereignty over the disputed territory of Western Sahara.

Source: Thousands in Morocco protest ties with ‘genocidal’ Israel

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Arab Saudi dan Maroko Perkuat Hubungan Ekonomi Melalui Kesepakatan Antar Badan Perdagangan

RIYADH: Economic, trade, and industrial ties between Saudi Arabia and Morocco are set to grow thanks toÂa new agreement signed betweenÂchambers of commerce from the countries.

In a post on X, the Federation of Saudi Chambers explained that collaborating with itsÂCasablanca equivalentÂencourages cooperation among businesses and companies.

Source: Saudi Arabia and Morocco strengthen economic ties with deal between commerce bodies