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Pengadilan: Keluarga Pemimpin ISIS yang Terbunuh Dipulangkan dan Diinterogasi di Irak

BAGHDAD: The family of slain Daesh group leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has been brought back to Iraq for interrogation, judicial officials said on Thursday.
Washington announced in October 2019 that US troops had killed Baghdadi in an operation in northwestern Syria, around five years after he proclaimed an Islamic “caliphate” which he and his fighters ruled with brutality across much of Iraq and neighboring Syria.
Iraq’s judiciary has secured “the repatriation of the family of the terrorist Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi,” the Supreme Judicial Council said on its website.

Source: Family of slain Daesh chief repatriated, questioned in Iraq: judiciary

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PM Kurdistan Irak: Suku Kurdi, Seperti Halnya Warga Palestina, Punya Hak untuk Tentukan Nasib Sendiri

LONDON: The Kurdish people, like the Palestinians, have a legitimate right to self-determination, the prime minister of Iraqi Kurdistan said on Monday.
Addressing the World Governments Summit in Dubai, Masrour Barzani said the roots of the injustices experienced by Palestinians since the establishment of Israel in 1948 “remain unaddressed.”
He added: “Had the foundational rights of the Palestinians been dealt with 80 years ago, or in the decades since, there would’ve been far less chance of the tragedy we’re seeing now.”

Source: Kurds, like Palestinians, have right to self-determination: Iraqi Kurdistan PM

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Irak Bahas Perjanjian Kerjasama Militer dengan Spanyol

LONDON: Iraq and Spain have been holding talks about a possible military cooperation agreement, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani said on Thursday after a meeting with Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles.

He said he discussed such a deal with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez when the latter visited Baghdad in December.

Source: Iraq discusses military cooperation agreement with Spain

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Irak Sebut Serangan Amerika Serikat Dorong Pemerintah untuk Akhiri Misi Koalisi Pimpinan Amerika Serikat

BAGHDAD: Repeated US strikes against Iran-backed armed groups in Iraq are pushing the Baghdad government to end the mission of the US-led coalition in the country, the prime minister’s military spokesperson said on Thursday.
The US military said a strike on Wednesday killed a commander from Kataib Hezbollah, an Iran-backed armed group in Iraq that the Pentagon has blamed for attacking its troops.
Spokesperson Yahya Rasool said in a statement the US-led coalition “has become a factor for instability and threatens to entangle Iraq in the cycle of conflict.”

Source: Iraq says US strikes pushing government to end US-led coalition’s mission

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Serangan “Drone” Bunuh Dua Anggota Kelompok Pro-Iran di Baghdad

BAGHDAD: A drone strike on Wednesday hit a vehicle in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, killing two commanders of a pro-Iran group, a security source and a group member said.
The attack comes as tensions soar with the United States carrying out strikes on pro-Iran groups in Iraq and Syria amid the war in the Gaza Strip.
One of those killed was a commander of the Kataeb Hezbollah group in charge of military affairs in Syria, a member of the pro-Iran Iraqi group told AFP on condition of anonymity.
The source named the commander as Abu Baqr Al-Saadi.

Source: Drone strike kills two pro-Iran group members in Baghdad

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Utusan PBB Peringatkan, Lebih Banyak Serangan Terhadap Irak akan Ancam Stabilitasnya yang Telah Dicapai dengan Susah Payah

UNITED NATIONS: Iraq’s government is focused on avoiding a domestic or regional spillover of the Israel-Hamas war but continuing attacks on the country threaten its hard-won stability, the UN envoy for Iraq warned Tuesday.
With the war raging in Gaza, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert told the UN Security Council that “the Middle East is at a critical juncture” and “the same is true for Iraq.”

Source: UN envoy warns more attacks on Iraq threaten its hard-won stability

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Irak dan Amerika Serikat Perlu Kembali Berdialog Mengenai Masa Depan Pasukan Koalisi, Kata Menlu Irak

CAIRO: Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, in a phone call with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday, stressed the need to return to the negotiating table over the future of the US-led international military coalition in Iraq, the foreign ministry said in a statement.
Talks between the two countries began in January, but less than 24 hours later three US service members were killed in an attack in Jordan that the United States said was carried out by Iran-backed militant groups in Syria and Iraq. The talks have since paused then.

Source: Iraq and US need to return to dialogue over future of coalition force, says Iraq foreign minister

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Dewan Keamanan PBB Akan Bertemu Bahas Serangan Amerika Serikat di Irak dan Suriah

The UN Security Council was to convene Monday at Russia’s demand to discuss US air strikes on Iran-backed groups in Iraq and Syria in retaliation for a deadly drone attack on American soldiers.
The meeting scheduled for 4:00 p.m. (2100 GMT) was requested urgently by Moscow, which labelled the US strikes acts of aggression against sovereign states and said they were raising tensions in the Middle East as the Israel-Hamas war rages.

Source: UN Security Council to meet on US strikes in Iraq and Syria