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Serangan Israel di Lebanon Selatan Tewaskan 6 Anggota Hizbullah dan Sekutunya

BEIRUT: Six Hezbollah and Amal Movement members were killed in an Israeli shelling early Friday morning in southern Lebanon.

Israeli warplanes raided the towns of Qantara, Deir Seryan and the vicinity of Wadi Saluki.

The raid on a house in Qantara killed three Amal Movement members: Ali Hassan Issa from the town of Jibchit, Mohammed Hussein Said from the town of Qsaybeh and Qassem Nizar Berro from the town of Charqiyeh.

Source: Israeli attacks in southern Lebanon kill 6 members of Hezbollah, ally

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Di Perbukitan Utara Israel, Semua Mata Tertuju ke Lebanon

SAFED, Israel: On a clear day, the view south from Safed, high in the mountains of northern Israel, stretches uninterrupted across orange groves and orchards to the Sea of Galilee.
But all eyes in the historic city have been trained more recently on the jagged hills just a few kilometers (miles) away to the north — and the border with Lebanon.
On Wednesday, an Israeli soldier was killed in a rocket strike in Safed, prompting retaliatory air strikes inside Lebanon that left at least 15 dead, including 10 civilians.

Source: In Israel’s northern hills, all eyes look to Lebanon

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Serangan Israel di Lebanon Tewaskan 11 Warga Sipil, Hizbullah Berjanji Akan Membalas

BEIRUT: Eleven people, including six children, were killed by Israeli strikes on villages across southern Lebanon on Wednesday, a hospital director and three Lebanese security sources said, as Israel said it responded to a Hezbollah rocket attack that killed one of its soldier.
Hezbollah and the Israeli military have been exchanging fire along the Israel-Lebanon border for more than four months, after the Lebanese armed group launched rockets across the disputed frontier in support of its Palestinian ally Hamas.

Source: Israeli strikes on Lebanon kill 11 civilians, Hezbollah has vowed to retaliate

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Sumber Keamanan: Serangan Israel di Lebanon Selatan Tewaskan Empat Warga Sipil

BEIRUT: Israeli strikes in south Lebanon on Wednesday killed four civilians including two children and wounded nine other people, a Lebanese security source said, after Israel said it “began a series of strikes in Lebanon”.
“A woman was killed along with her child and her stepchild in a strike that targeted Sawwaneh,” while a fourth civilian was killed in a strike on a building in Adshit, the security source told AFP, requesting anonymity as they were not authorised to speak to the media.
Nine other people were wounded in the strikes on south Lebanon, the source added.

Source: Israeli strikes in south Lebanon kill four civilians: security source

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Siprus Sebut Lebanon Halangi Kembalinya 116 Migran Suriah

NICOSIA: Cyprus said on Tuesday it was in discussions with Lebanon over the return of 116 Syrian migrants rescued off its coast after Beirut refused to accept them back.
The migrants were rescued in international waters 30 nautical miles off Cyprus at the weekend after departing Lebanon by boat, Cypriot officials said.
Cyprus, the European Union’s easternmost member, has for years had an agreement in place with Lebanon for the return of irregular migrants.

Source: Cyprus says Lebanon blocked return of 116 Syrian migrants

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Perancis Usulkan Penarikan Hizbullah dan Pembicaraan Perbatasan untuk Gencatan Senjata Israel-Lebanon

BEIRUT/PARIS: France has delivered a written proposal to Beirut aimed at ending hostilities with Israel and settling the disputed Lebanon-Israel frontier, according to a document seen by Reuters that calls for fighters including Hezbollah’s elite unit to withdraw 10 km (6 miles) from the border.
The plan aims to end fighting between the Iran-backed Hezbollah and Israel at the border. The hostilities have run in parallel to the Gaza war and are fueling concern of a ruinous, all-out confrontation.

Source: France proposes Hezbollah withdrawal, border talks for Israel-Lebanon truce

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Sumber Keamanan: Pejabat Hizbullah Terluka dalam Serangan Israel di Lebanon

BEIRUT: A local Hezbollah official was seriously wounded Monday in an Israeli air strike on his car in southern Lebanon, a Lebanese security source told AFP.
Israeli forces and the Lebanese movement Hezbollah, a Hamas ally, have traded near-daily fire since war broke out on October 7 between Israel and the Palestinian militant group in the Gaza Strip.
The source said an Israeli strike “targeted a local Hezbollah official in the town of Bint Jbeil” and the official was “seriously injured.”

Source: Hezbollah official wounded in Israeli strike on Lebanon: security source

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KSrelief Lanjutkan Proyek Ketahanan Pangan di Sudan, Lebanon dan Yaman

RIYADH: Saudi aid group KSrelief has continued its food security projects across Sudan, Lebanon and Yemen.

KSrelief provided 931 food parcels to displaced families in Gedaref state, in Sudan, from which 5,001 individuals benefited, as part of a project to support food security in the country.

KSrelief has continued the implementation of Al-Amal Charitable Bakery Project in Akkar governorate and Al-Minieh district in Lebanon.

Source: KSrelief continues food security projects in Sudan, Lebanon, Yemen