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Tuntutan HAMAS untuk Kesepakatan Sandera “Tak Sesuai dengan Kenyataan,” Kata Koordinator Israel

MUNICH, Germany — Hamas’ demands for a hostage deal are “delusional” and need to be “close to reality,” Israel’s Coordinator for the Captives and the Missing, Gal Hirsch, told CNN Saturday.“We

Source: Hamas’ demands for hostage deal are ‘disconnected from reality,’ Israel’s coordinator says

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Menlu Arab Saudi: Pembentukan Negara Palestina Satu-satunya Jalan Menuju Stabilitas Timur Tengah

Saudi Gazette reportMUNICH — Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said on Saturday that the only pathway towards security and stability in the Middle East, including Israel, was through the

Source: Saudi FM: Establishing Palestinian state is only pathway for Mideast stability

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Para Pemimpin Afrika Kutuk Serangan Israel di Gaza

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia: Leaders at an African Union summit in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Saturday condemned Israel’s offensive in Gaza and called for its immediate end.
Moussa Faki, the chair of the African Union Commission, said Israel’s offensive was the “most flagrant” violation of international humanitarian law and accused Israel of having “exterminated” Gaza’s inhabitants.
Faki spoke alongside Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh, who also addressed the summit.

Source: African leaders condemn Israel’s offensive in Gaza

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Mesir Sebut Pengungsian Tak Bisa Diterima, Namun Akan Tangani Warga Sipil secara Manusiawi

CAIRO: Egypt’s foreign minister said on Saturday that while his country would deal with civilians humanely, the displacement of Palestinians remained unacceptable.
“It is not our intention to provide any safe areas or facilities, but necessarily if this was a case we will deal with the humanity that is necessary,” Sameh Shoukry said at the Munich Security Conference.

Source: Egypt says displacement is unacceptable, but will deal with civilians humanely

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Pengadilan PBB Akan Pertimbangkan Konsekuensi Pendudukan Israel

THE HAGUE: The UN’s top court will from Monday hold hearings on the legal consequences of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories since 1967, with an unprecedented 52 countries expected to give evidence.
Nations including the United States, Russia, and China will address judges in a week-long session at the Peace Palace in The Hague, seat of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Source: UN court to weigh consequences of Israel occupation

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Amerika Serikat Berencana Kirim Senjata ke Israel Meski Biden Dorong untuk Gencatan Senjata, WSJ Melaporkan

WASHINGTON: The Biden administration is preparing to send bombs and other weapons to Israel that would add to its military arsenal even as the US pushes for a ceasefire in Gaza, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing current and former US officials.
The proposed arms delivery includes MK-82 bombs and KMU-572 Joint Direct Attack Munitions that add precision guidance to bombs, and FMU-139 bomb fuses, the Journal reported, adding that the value of is estimated to be “tens of millions of dollars.”

Source: US plans to send weapons to Israel even as Biden pushes for ceasefire, WSJ reports

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HAMAS Sebut Para Sandera Gaza “Berjuang untuk Tetap Hidup”

GAZA STRIP, Palestinian Territories: Hamas’s armed wing said on Friday that hostages in Gaza were “struggling to stay alive” as conditions across the war-battered Palestinian territory deteriorate due to relentless Israeli bombardments.
“The wounded and sick enemy prisoners are going through very difficult conditions and are struggling to stay alive,” Abu Obeida, spokesman for Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades said in a televised statement.

Source: Hamas says Gaza hostages ‘struggling to stay alive’

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Macron Sebut Akui Negara Palestina “Bukanlah Hal Tabu” bagi Prancis

PARIS: President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that recognizing a Palestinian state was “not a taboo for France” in his first such comments since the start of the war in Gaza.
“The recognition of a Palestinian state is not a taboo for France,” he said at a joint press conference in Paris with Jordan’s King Abdullah.
His comments come after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected a plan for international recognition of such a state, following reports of such an initiative in The Washington Post.

Source: Macron says recognizing a Palestinian state ‘not a taboo’ for France

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Meluapnya Warga Palestina ke Sinai Akan Menjadi “Bencana”

MUNICH, GENEVA: The UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees said on Friday that a spillover of refugees from Gaza’s Rafah into Egypt’s Sinai would be a disaster and that Egyptian authorities had made clear that Palestinians should be assisted in the enclave.

Source: Palestinian spillover into Sinai would be ‘disaster’