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Houthi Ledakkan Rumah Warga di Yaman, Tewaskan Sedikitnya 9 Orang dari Satu Keluarga, Kata Warga

CAIRO: Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen blew up a house Tuesday in a town southeast of the capital, Sanaa, killing at least nine people from the same family, officials and residents said.
This came a day after two Houthi fighters were killed in an ambush allegedly set up by the house’s owner, Ibrahim Al-Zalei.
The deceased — a set of parents and their seven children — were killed in the explosion, according to residents Ahmed Baydawy and Arman Mahmoud. Rescuers and civilians were trying to pull out others buried under the rubble, they said.

Source: Houthis in Yemen blow up a resident’s house, killing at least 9 from the same family, residents say


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