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Berjuang Dapatkan Sekaleng Makanan: Warga Gaza yang Kelaparan Berebut Bantuan yang Dijatuhkan Lewat Udara

GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories: A military plane banked over the war-ravaged ruins of Gaza City dropping dozens of black parachutes carrying food aid.
On the ground, where almost no building within sight was still standing, hungry men and boys raced toward the beach where most of the aid seemed to have landed.
Dozens of them jostled intensely to get to the food, with scrums forming up and down the rubble-strewn dunes.
“People are dying just to get a can of tuna,” said Mohamad Al-Sabaawi, carrying an almost empty bag on his shoulder, a young boy beside him.

Source: Struggling for a can of food: starving Gazans scramble for aid drops


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