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Bocah Laki-laki Gaza Berusia 4 Tahun Kehilangan Lengannya dan Keluarganya, Di Belahan Dunia Lainnya Dia Dapat Kesempatan Kedua

NEW YORK: Omar Abu Kuwaik is far from his home in Gaza. The 4-year-old’s parents and sister were killed by an Israeli airstrike, when he lost part of his arm.
He’s one of the lucky ones.
Through the efforts of family and strangers, Omar was brought out of Gaza and to the United States, where he received treatment, including a prosthetic arm. He spent his days in a house run by a medical charity in New York City, accompanied by his aunt.

Source: A 4-year-old Gaza boy lost his arm – and his family. Half a world away, he’s getting a second chance


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