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“Ini Tidak Akan Sakit”: Dokter Gigi di Gaza Bekerja di Tenda selagi Perang Berkecamuk

NUSEIRAT, Palestinian Territories: Dentist Najdat Saqer’s new surgery in Gaza is like any other except that it is in a tent and he has to speak up to be heard over the sounds of war outside.
He has all his professional certificates on the wall to reassure his patients. and his equipment is state-of-the-art even if it is sitting on a plastic sheet on the sand.
Saqer, 32, had to abandon his original surgery in Nuseirat in central Gaza early in the war after “the area was targeted several times” by Israeli strikes “causing severe damage to my clinic,” he said.

Source: ‘This won’t hurt’: Gaza dentist works in tent as war rages


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