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KSrelief Arab Saudi Lanjutkan Pengiriman Bantuan Makanan Ramadhan [1445 H]

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s aid agency KSrelief this week launched its food security support project in Gezira State, Sudan, with the delivery of 4,580 food parcels.

This is the first of a total of 33,000 food parcels that will be sent to vulnerable communities in Sudan, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Friday.

KSrelief also sent 8,080 parcels to communities across the globe.

In Banten, Indonesia, 1,100 packages were sent for 4,325 people, while 400 parcels were distributed in South Africa as part of KSrelief’s Ramadan food basket project Etaam.

Source: Saudi Arabia’s KSrelief continues Ramadan food aid deliveries


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