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Pendemo di Suriah Beraksi Menentang Kelompok Terkait Al-Qaeda Saat Seorang Militan Penting Dibebaskan

IDLIB: A powerful Al-Qaeda-linked group that dominates much of northwestern Syria released on Friday one of its founders after he spent months in jail on suspicion of having links with forces outside the country.
The release appears to be a move by the militant group’s top leader to appease the public, as many have been protesting over the past week, demanding he leave and asking that the detainees be released.
On Friday, hundreds marched in a show of defiance against the militant chief, Abu Mohammed Al-Golani, who runs the Al-Qaeda-linked Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham group.

Source: Protesters march in Syria against Al-Qaeda-linked group as a prominent militant is released


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