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Perpustakaan AlUla Tampilkan Kekayaan Budaya Sastra Arab Saudi

RIYADH: AlUla Public Library is a knowledge oasis for both the local community and international visitors, catering to their intellectual, cultural, and artistic pursuits.

Situated in AlUla’s Al-Jadidah Arts District, the library boasts a vast collection of books in several languages, suitable for all ages.

According to the Saudi Press Agency report, the library’s sections are meticulously curated, and offer a wealth of cultural and literary works, including astronomy and captivating children’s stories.

Source: AlUla library showcases Saudi Arabia’s rich literary culture


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Kurma Shannah AlUla Pelihara dan Lestarikan Warisan

JEDDAH: In AlUla and the wider Arabian Peninsula, an ancient method of storing and preserving dates, known as shannah, stands as testament to people’s commitment to the preservation of their cultural and culinary heritage.

Shannah not only showcases the ingenuity of the past but also plays a significant role in the region’s economic and agricultural landscape.

Shannah is crafted from the skin of sheep or goats and is a crucial element in the date storage process in AlUla.

Source: AlUla’s shannah dates nurture, preserve heritage


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AlUla Adakan Kampanye Global Pertamanya, “Revitalisasi Selamanya””

DUBAI: Saudi Arabia’s ancient city of AlUla is launching its first-ever global marketing campaign.

Revealed on Feb. 29 with launch events in six major international cities — Dubai, London, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Mumbai — “Forever Revitalizing” is being described as a “data-driven endeavor” that aims to redefine tourism in the region.

Source: AlUla gets its very first global campaign, ‘Forever Revitalising’