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Otoritas Persaingan Arab Saudi Beri Lampu Hijau kepada JV untuk Pengelolaan Limbah Padat di Madinah

RIYADH: The holy city of Madinah will see improved sewage control and treatment after Saudi Arabia’s competition authority approved a joint venture for solid waste management. 

The General Authority for Competition has approved the establishment of a joint venture involving ALMQR Development Co., the investment arm of Madinah Regional Municipality, Akam, and BEEAH Group, according to a press release exclusive to Arab News. 

This venture is poised to revolutionize the sector’s landscape in Madinah, it added.

Source: Saudi competition authority greenlights JV for solid waste management in Madinah


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Pertahanan Sipil Arab Saudi Tingkatkan Inspeksi Bangunan dan Ruang di Madinah Selama Ramadhan [1445 H]

RIYADH: Saudi Civil Defense officials in Madinah have stepped up their inspections of tourist accommodations, commercial sites and public gathering places during Ramadan, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Friday.

The aim is to identify and prevent problems and enhance the quality of facilities provided for visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque and Umrah pilgrims, it added.

Source: Saudi Civil Defense steps up inspections of buildings and spaces in Madinah during Ramadan


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Dukungan Multibahasa Pastikan Kelancaran Proses Masuk Jamaah Umrah di Madinah

RIYADH: The General Directorate of Passports at Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Airport in Madinah is ensuring efficient entry for Umrah performers during Ramadan this year.

The directorate has launched a comprehensive strategy involving advanced technology and highly trained personnel to ease the entry of pilgrims into the Kingdom.

Biometric devices for streamlined identification have been deployed, as well as security documentation devices and mobile counters.

Source: Multilingual support ensures seamless entry for Umrah pilgrims in Madinah


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Masjid Al-Ghamamah Lestarikan Sejarah Islam di Madinah

RIYADH: Madinah is brimming with historical mosques and landmarks. Among these gems stands Al-Ghamamah Mosque, where it is believed that Prophet Muhammad offered Eid prayers and performed the funeral prayer in absentia for the Negus of Ethiopia upon hearing news of his passing, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

Located roughly 500 meters southwest of the Bab Al-Salam gate of the Prophet’s Mosque, Al-Ghamamah was the first mosque constructed by Caliph Umar bin Abdulaziz during his reign in Madinah.

Source: Al-Ghamamah Mosque preserves Islamic history in Madinah


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Kementerian Arab Saudi Tegaskan Kembali Aturan Keramahtamahan di Makkah dan Madinah Selama Musim Umrah dan Haji

RIYADH: Tourism and hospitality operators in Makkah and Madinah have been reminded they must follow all regulations, instructions and guidelines that apply to them, along with the contents of circulars issued by the General Directorate of Civil Defense, to help keep pilgrims and other visitors safe during Umrah season in the holy month of Ramadan, and the upcoming Hajj season.

Source: Saudi ministry reiterates hospitality rules in Makkah and Madinah during Umrah, Hajj seasons


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Putra Mahkota Arab Saudi Shalat di Masjid Nabawi dan Jamu Warga Saat Berkunjung ke Madinah

RIYADH: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman hosted a number of citizens on a visit to Madinah.

He greeted a number of distinguished scholars and other dignitaries, the Saudi Press Agency reported early on Thursday.

He then prayed at the Prophet’s Mosque and Quba Mosque.

Prince Mohammed arrived in the Prophet’s City on Wednesday and was received by the province’s governor upon his arrival.

The SPA reported early on Thursday that the crown prince left Madinah.

Source: Crown prince prays at Prophet’s Mosque, hosts citizens during visit to Madinah


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Putra Mahkota Arab Saudi Tiba di Madinah Setelah Resepsi Ramadhan untuk Warga Riyadh

RIYADH: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrived in Madinah early Wednesday and was welcomed by the province’s governor.

Earlier in the Saudi capital Riyadh, the crown prince received Ramadan well-wishers on the occasion of the holy month, which began on Monday.

He received the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom, princes,  scholars, ministers and other citizens.

View the gallery for more photos.

Source: Saudi crown prince arrives in Madinah after Ramadan reception for citizens in Riyadh


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Sumur Al-Faqir di Madinah Dibuka Kembali setelah Perbaikan

MADINAH: The Al-Faqir Well in Madinah, which is also known as the Salman Al-Farsi Well, has reopened to visitors following development work.

Dating back over 14 centuries, it stands as a historic landmark with links to Prophet Muhammad’s times, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Located in the Alya area of Madinah, the well is surrounded by orchards and it used pulleys for water extraction in the past.

Now under the supervision of the Madinah Region Development Authority and other relevant bodies, it boasts facilities such as a pool.

Source: Al-Faqir Well in Madinah reopens after improvements to site